Clothing- Good shoes and clothing is important to orphaned children to protect them from the elements and to help them feel socially acceptable.  People who are too poor to afford housing need clothing for themselves and their children. In general, orphans need clothing such as play clothes, sleepwear, socks – stockings, shoes – boots, underwear and sweaters – hoodies to keep them comfortable during cold weather.

Millions of orphans and undernourished people will go to bed hungry, even though we have enough to feed them all. In this amazing yet fleeting gift life; we are blessed so we can care for others who are struggling, not just to have more. We see many orphaned children who are hurting and need friends like you to care. Would you join us?

Your choice can bring hope and comfort to an orphan who are genuinely struggling. You can give them a home with love, and a future with promise. For an orphan with no one in the world, your kindness, in the decision to help, makes all the difference.

Toys For children living in Great Saints Orphanage Home, a few toys may help to brighten the day.  Children need toys to help them get through the day, to exercise and to learn.  Whether they play with balls or electronic gadgets, children are less likely to get in trouble or pick on their siblings when they’re having fun.  The need to play and keep busy is important for children, not just during the holiday season, but every week of the year.  For practical considerations, toys should be low maintenance, safe and small.  If you have the means, consider buying a quantity of toys for Great Saint orphanage.

Educational toys are a plus, especially if they’re low-maintenance and selected for the right age group, language and cultural context.  Bicycles provide fun and exercise.
Children’s books in appropriate languages will also be welcomed
Orphaned children are unable to work or earn a decent living.  They need your help.  In addition to medication, food and clothing, as mentioned above, they need personal care, volunteer services, housing, items for personal comfort such as blankets, pillows, beds, radios, televisions, books, and other items.  Toiletries, toothpaste, soap, razor blades, sanitary napkins, diapers, underwear and clean socks are items needed.

Children’s reading books can be helpful to accelerate the education of children.
We also need electronics devices, such as cell phones and laptop computers to help us with their education.

Emeka Ezeagbor offers child sponsorships in Nigeria schools and reduced tuition paid for children who are academically good but don’t have the funds to go further.

We are able to pay some student school fees, provide exercise books for all children in different schools, provide meals to all children, provide scholastic materials to all children, and house nearly 80 orphaned and vulnerable children at the school.

Emeka Ezeagbor Foundation (EEF) accepts all students and based on their families status, and are then placed under the sponsorship category or reduced tuition category.

The goal is to educate the students through secondary school and prepare them for university studies or a trade school. EEF follows the set curriculum by the government of Nigeria, which includes subjects in English, social studies, sciences, mathematics, music/dance/drama, physical education, and Christian religious education. EEF also offers after school programs such as, art/craft club, reading/writing club, choir, dance, and numerous school sports. A Sunday worship service is also held for the children who live at the orphanage home. All after school activities are voluntarily done by the dedicated staff members.

We are currently raising funds to provide more educational materials like exercise books, school uniform and school sanders, pen, etc.

We have been running #HELPTHEPOOR T-shirt Campaigns throughout the year to help raise funds for our school project. If you would like to help by purchasing one please head to our Facebook page for updates and releases dates for the T-shirt Campaigns.

E.E.F Family Center supports the growth and development of children through age 8 with programs that enhance parent/child relationships and community involvement. E.E.F is a place where families can enjoy their community, access resources, and grow and learn in a safe environment.E.E.F services include parenting support, home visitation, programs and support for fathers, access to basic needs, adult education and early childhood screening/assessments. E.E.F also refers families to additional support services at The Village and throughout their community.

In addition to our program, we help parents enhance their parenting skills and ensure successful relationships with their children.E.E.F serves families who reside in Delta State and surrounding towns.Access Services families can access services directly from E.E.F by stopping by at our office
Shop 2 Police Plaza,
Nnebisi Road,
Asaba, Delta State.

Season is changing and your clothes from last year may not fit. If you notice clothes piling up in your family’s closets — and you’re looking for a way to help the less fortunate — donating clothes could be a super-easy start. Throughout the year, we collect all kinds of summer and winter clothes for children and adults in our community.

A small gesture of yours will be a boon for poverty stricken, deprived people to stay happy during the different seasons. So, show your big-heartedness, and help us to collect as many as sweaters, shirts, trousers etc. to keep the deprived ones warm and comfortable.

We all wish to bring smiles to hundreds of children in the hospitals and help the underprivileged serious patients and their families to spend time in dignified manner in the hospitals by providing basic essential items.

We help underprivileged patients who are currently undergoing various medical treatments at government hospitals. This group comprises people of various ages, health conditions and cultures. They are from different remote location in Nigeria, where they do not have even access to basic health care.

You can help us by arranging following items.
Medicines as prescribed by the hospital
Crayons, Colour Books, Pencils, Sketch Books
Water Bottles, Small Plates, Mugs
Small Biscuits Packets, Tetra Pack Juices, Soft Toffees
Toys, Kids Clothes, Storybooks (new or old but in good condition)
Daily need products like Soaps, Shampoo, Towels, Packet of Rice, Pulses, and Sanitary Napkin.

Host a collection site
You can place a box in your office lobby, cafeteria, some vacant space in your house or school, and spread the word to your friends, colleagues and family about the need for gently used, warm clothes.